Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what's the difference?

so, i've been wanting to turn our second bedroom into an office for how long now? a month? still no progress (although i did buy a cute corkboard over the weekend). i'm determinded this weekend to have my beau, like it or not, help me shove a desk into that room. problem is.... i don't have a chair for it!

calla (of shiny upside down crosses) and i were just discussing our mutual love of the ghost chair. but, honestly,  who wants to drop a ton of cash on (lets face it) a PLASTIC chair?! the ones we've been eyeing up have been over $300, but THEN, i stumbled upon this one on for only $150. i know, it's still $150, but it sounds like a bargin in comparison dont you think?

let me know if you have a better idea...


       , $150                            design within reach, $410

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