Wednesday, February 23, 2011

photos from {here}
I love jewelry, the best part of my job (as far as I'm concerned) is finding new designers to feature in our photo shoots. I sometimes wish we could be a bit more adventurous with styles, but I call it in anyway. It's so fun to see it, try it on, and just look at tray after tray of amazingness. The jewelry in these pictures are exactly how I'd style my fingers and wrists, with a ton of different things stacked together, yet somehow making sense. 

Getting to the point, this website is a punk rockers dream. Chock full of every rock-n-roll type of jewelry designer from Pamela Love to Made Her Think. I wanted to buy way too many things to even count. Check it out for yourself. It's definitely my new obsession. 

PS- they have shoes, clothes, bags and random things but I found the jewelry to be the best section. 


  1. verameat and bittersweets is good too!

  2. I love bonadrag they have the craziest jewelry, I just ordered a ring the other day!