Tuesday, February 15, 2011

le gallery

i love me a good picture collage. i currently have one going in our hallway, "the gallery" we call it. a place where we put pictures of all of our friends, family, favorite things and places. will share when there's more light coming through...
but for now, i find these inspiring...
the picture frame mats pick up colors in the wall paper which, oddly enough, make this very busy room work beatifully
i love the quirky composition of big and small bunched all together
my kind of collage, some single frames, some pairs, all different sizes yet composed to look symetrical 
(i'm big on symmetry)
the pink chairs are just so much fun! i want one! although, i do kind of want a ghost chair too, decisions, hmm....we'll save that for another post, back to this one. 
 i like that this collage has everything from a chunky gold antique frame to an unframed canvas painting. you don't have to stick to one style.

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  1. I love the picture walls, very inspiring and decorative!