Sunday, January 16, 2011

lifeless bedroom seeks personality

Our bedroom has been lacking pazazz for quite some time now, white walls, white bedding etc...a blank slate. So, about a month ago I decided it was time to give it some TLC.  We picked out an amazing gray velvet damask fabric (@Mood fabrics in NY) and made our own headboard. It's literally the only pretty thing in the room, here's my shopping list to bring the rest of the place to life.

crystal lamp

fun  mix n match pillows

i'm so picky about wall art it will probably be the last thing i find....


  1. melisssss i love the mirrored table! my mom's friend from australia brought me a sheepskin rug as a present. it smelled horrible when i first got it. my dogs love rolling around on it.

  2. you should post a step by step diy for your headboard!