Thursday, January 27, 2011

pieces of paradise

i'm home from my work trip to puerto rico just in time to experience some lovely ny weather, i.e. another snow storm. in any case, we had such a great time (although it was ALOT of work) and it was bittersweet packing up to go home. bitter because we were leaving perfect weather and palm trees, but sweet because i needed some real food. we shot on an amazing little island off the coast of fajardo, PR starting at 7am and ended at 6:30pm everyday, followed by dinner witht the crew. had a ton of laughs, probably because we were all delirious by the time we were done working!!

thought i would share some pictures of paradise with you. =) 

view from the top of the resort (located on  a cliff)

top of the little mountain on the island we were shooting (courtesy of my bf's hiking trip)

perfect calm ocean...

on the island...

pre-work relaxation... =)

perfect look out point...


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