Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stack em Up

It's no secret that I love stackable rings. My goal is to start a collection of thin bands with a little bling so that one day I'll have a bunch to choose from. I asked my lovely boyfriend for one for Christmas but he ran with the "stackable" part and not so much the "sparkle" aspect of the request. Nonetheless, the effort and thoughtfulness were there. Plus I can't expect him to pay an astronomical amount of money for one ring- unless it's, ahem, a more meaningful one. 

And so, the hunt for the perfect thin, shimmering ring continues...

Clearly I can't afford some of these, but a girl can dream... 

1. Covet Moonstone band $230
2. Eliza Page band $623 
3. Phoenix Roze Eternity bands $890
4. Sydney Evan Diamond band on sale $440
5. Zasha Single Leaf Pave band $390
6. Crislu Micro Pave set of 3 $120

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