Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Style Like U

Stylelikeu book, in stores 3/29
Shae Detar, photographer
Alexandria Hilfiger, designer/stylist/art director
Jane Aldridge, blogger, Sea of Shoes
Andrea Linett, Creative Director of eBay fashion
love that Rick Ownes jacket... someday I will own one!

Stylelikeu is a blog profiling personal style from the likes of artists, well known designers, bloggers and stylists (among many others). What they wear is an artistic expression of who they are. They take you into their home and share everything from their favorite stack of books and amazing shoe collection to some of their favorite outfits. The mini interviews reveal a bit about them and some great quotes. It's very personal, not set up in any way, and you really see what their life is like! 


picture of hoboken, nj, by urban antique on etsy

purely pink

I can spend hours looking through decor, fashion, and artistic photographs...I found all of these the other night and thought you might like to check them out too.

i'm not usually into girly things but i've been loving pale pink recently

images from {here} and {here} 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Babes in Bikinis

Hundreds of bikinis, all styles, colors, + sizes!

love the Cynthia Vincent neon Ikat bag (front left) + colorfully Milly (back left)

This week has been sort of a whirlwind, at least it was only 4 days long and tomorrow is finally Friday! We shot our feature swim story yesterday at Canoe Studio in NYC with 7 of the hottest "real women" out there as far as I'm concerned.  Here's a behind the scenes look, to see the good stuff you'll just have to pick up the May issue of Fitness.. ;)

Obviously if you ever need any help finding amazing swimsuit brands, I'm your gal!

easy breezy

i can see myself in this hammock already...

I'm totally ready for a vacation... working in Puerto Rico did not count (although some will disagree).

Any suggestions?

H&M Conscious Collection

H&M's new Conscious Collection is beautifully designed in shades of white. The entire line is eco friendly, made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. I love al of the feminine details, a frills, eyelets, and scalloped edges are shown throughout. Cannot wait to scoop up the white tank top and tee shirt below... Maybe one of those billowy summer dresses too. Mark your calendars, it launches April 14.    

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

be in awe



photos from {here}
I love jewelry, the best part of my job (as far as I'm concerned) is finding new designers to feature in our photo shoots. I sometimes wish we could be a bit more adventurous with styles, but I call it in anyway. It's so fun to see it, try it on, and just look at tray after tray of amazingness. The jewelry in these pictures are exactly how I'd style my fingers and wrists, with a ton of different things stacked together, yet somehow making sense. 

Getting to the point, this website is a punk rockers dream. Chock full of every rock-n-roll type of jewelry designer from Pamela Love to Made Her Think. I wanted to buy way too many things to even count. Check it out for yourself. It's definitely my new obsession. 

PS- they have shoes, clothes, bags and random things but I found the jewelry to be the best section. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Face Paint

While going through my daily blog reads I noticed a link to a page called Model Morphosis featured on Look Linger Love (love her blog!). I'm a sucker for before and after shots so I had to click on it. I couldn't stop moving the red tabbed line back and forth, with one quick swipe-with makeup, another swipe, bam- with out makeup. Like a kid in a candy store I was sucked in and occupied for longer than I should've been.

Honestly, since working at a magazine, I've realized that above all else, models are just like us. Sure, maybe a bit skinnier, but layers of makeup really do change a face - completely. So, I'm just saying, don't be so hard on yourself.

photos by Greg Kessler

Ruby et Violette

In NYC there are tons of vans, trucks, cars, taxi's, bikes, mopeds, basically, you name it, and it's here - most of which, I am blind to. However, today on my way to work the bus stopped right in front of a van that had the words "LIVE LIFE RICHLY. INDULGE" printed on it and I thought "thats kind of amazing..."

I googled the name right away, leading me to this gem. Of course it's a bakery ...

they have over 100 flavors of cookies and brownies... see the list here and here

Three sisters opened up the shop on West 50th Street in NY claiming to make "the best damn cookies on earth" ... I'm thinking I need to check it out for myself this weekend, or at least bake something that tastes like the best thing on earth... 

Have you ever been there? 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Painting the roses... White!

 Today I spent the (very windy and cold!!) afternoon sanding and painting an old desk we had in our attic... tomrrow is phase 2, sanding it down to look old again. I can't wait to share the finished product with you! 
 Pictures to come!

Rebecca Taylor

one of my favorites 
see the entire collection