Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ruby et Violette

In NYC there are tons of vans, trucks, cars, taxi's, bikes, mopeds, basically, you name it, and it's here - most of which, I am blind to. However, today on my way to work the bus stopped right in front of a van that had the words "LIVE LIFE RICHLY. INDULGE" printed on it and I thought "thats kind of amazing..."

I googled the name right away, leading me to this gem. Of course it's a bakery ...

they have over 100 flavors of cookies and brownies... see the list here and here

Three sisters opened up the shop on West 50th Street in NY claiming to make "the best damn cookies on earth" ... I'm thinking I need to check it out for myself this weekend, or at least bake something that tastes like the best thing on earth... 

Have you ever been there? 


  1. i'm looking at the red cookie... what is it, what is it , what is it?! and those brownies look soooooooo good!

    ugh... this diet's going nowhere.

  2. i dont know! they have so many flavors it could be anything... i want some right now..