Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summa Time Shoes

I live in sandals for 90% of the summer, but there comes a time when say, it rains, or you just don't want someone stepping on your toes. What's a girl to do? Wear flat espadrilles!! They're summery and comfortable, and frankly, they can't get any cuter!! 

Clockwise from top:
Tory Burch Striped Espadrille, $57,
Toms Blue Leopard Vegan Classics, $54,
Michael Kors Med Closed Toe Espadrille, $69,
Etienne Aigner Urban Striped Espadrille, $30,
Old Navy Espadrilles, $20,
Diane Von Furstenberg Cadence Espadrille, $49,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take Me Away

I've always had a soft spot for Moroccan inspired design so naturally I fell in love with KiraKira by Suzanne Somersall's jewelry. There is a ton of other items I really like on her website, namely the druzy quartz rings, and Mykonos cuff bracelet, so I urge you to check it out here. But can we just take a second and talk about how amazing the Marrakech diamond ring is?? LOVE.

pictures {via}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smile, Sparkle, Shine

I'm sick of the ho-hum, same old colored eggs where the only way to spice it up is to dip the egg from one color to the next to create something outside of the primary color spectrum ... So I started to think, why not make them really sparkle? When I stumbled upon this DIY on Martha Stewart's website I was sold. What do you think? 

poke a hole in the top and bottom of each 
egg and blow out the contents of the egg

paint with glue, then roll in glitter

find a unique way to display your beautiful, sparkly eggs!

Option 2- Gold Leaf Eggs

see the rest of Martha's great ideas {here}

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hi Loves! This past weekend was so amazing, it was beyond fabulous to see my friends from college and reminisce about our silly inside jokes over pitches of sangria and tapas. Yesterday my beau and I took a scenic drive up the Hudson River into NY and drove around fancy neighborhoods drooling over mansions far beyond our reach.  

I really love this quote and think it's perfect for kicking off a (fingers crossed) sunny week leading to Easter weekend at our shore house in southern NJ. 

Friday, April 15, 2011


Google's header today- love!

Friday Favorites

I'm so excited it's Friday. Tonight I'm getting a MUCH NEEDED haircut -I'm so tempted to chop it off, although I'm afraid I'll miss having Marsha Brady moments, swinging it back and forth or brushing it over and over. Tomorrow night I'm meeting up with friends from college that I haven't seen in about 2 years! How time flies! I say bring on the wine and walks down memory lane =)

I digress -Today instead of sharing my favorite things from the week, I'm sharing my favorite blogs- some big, some small. I originally started mine purely as an outlet for my own creativity, but soon found myself addicted to creating content and trying to reach new people! Thanks to all of you who have started following Pretty Little Things, spread the word!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leather is a girls best friend...

I think I almost cried when I stupidly yanked my FAVORITE black leather jacket from the back of a seat chair and ripped it. DOH!! Clearly I had a brain fart and for a split second thought that the soft, supple leather could handle being roughed around due to my lack of patience (which happens to be on my list of things to work on)

SO although I am going to try to have it repaired by one of NYC's finest, I think it's time for a new one. I would give my right arm, no, maybe a finger? for a Rick Owens fitted leather jacket. Sigh...unfortunately fashion magazines do not pay enough money for one of those, perhaps if I found myself a rich husband HE could buy me one. A girl can dream. 

Here are my top picks (if I had that rich husband), although that Max Azria isn't too far out of my budget... hmm. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm so excited that one of our sister magazines, Traditional Home, has combined their noggins with the creators of Lonny Magazine (the leading online design mag) to create TRADhome. It's an online shelter mag that will launch twice this year- now and again in October.  Here are snippets from some of my fave stories.

I strongly suggest that you check it out for yourself though!! 

True Friends

I honestly never though I'd see the day when friendship bracelets were cool outside of elementary school, not to mention kinda expensive!! I used to make these little suckers when I was in 5th grade, although these are a bit nicer than my creations (thats a given)... They have totally inspired me to hit my local A.C. Moore (craft store) this weekend and start braiding!

4. Henri Bendel $25
5. Ettika $55 
6. Dannijo $48 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black, White, and Gray All Over

A couple of weekends ago my beau and I peeked into some open houses around town. We're not buying anything, just setting some goals, high ones I might add! Not only did I fall in love with one of the spaces, I FLIPPED over the way the owner decorated it. The color scheme was black, white and gray with mirror and black lacquer tables, glass lamps, and silver picture frames. It was DIVINE. Needless to say I can't stop thinking about it. These spaces aren't exactly what I saw (should've taken pictures! argh!) but they're close...

On the upside, we have found a place that its sort of affordable for us to purchase and attempt to flip. It's definitely not the ideal location or space in my eyes but it IS a clean slate for me to decorate on temporarily! We'll see what happens... keep ya posted!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hello loves! Happy Monday! This weekend I played nurse while my boyfriend recovered from shoulder surgery- hence the radio silence, again- so sorry! That's the last time I leave you for days on end with nothing pretty to look at.

Anywho- I ordered a bunch of Dolce Vita shoes a couple of weeks ago and they finally arrived! My favorite pair being the ones that are featured above. The heel isn't too high, they're super comfy, and will match with practically everything. I'm uber excited.  Hope you like the outfit I see myself wearing them with - my style ranges from boho to rocker chic to preppy, this is obvi a bit hippy dippy!

Another thing that absolutely MADE MY MONDAY was seeing my blog as part of Made By Girl's thank you shout out (to blogs who have featured her products)! Woohoo! I love her shop and blog so much it really made my smile. Check it out!

1. Dolce Vita shoes 2. Madewell top 3. Hudson jeans 4. Pamela Love necklaces 5. Meli Melo bag 5. House of Harlow 1960 bangles

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Paperless Publications

I work at a magazine, I subscribe to magazines, I buy magazines off of newsstands, lets just say I LOVE magazines. I must admit, some of them I just look at the pictures and others I read cover to cover. ANYWAY, my new obsession is the fantastic online publications that are popping up all over the place!! They're mostly interior design mags, but the images and articles are so interesting to me! Decorating my apartment has been an evolution and I am always looking for inspiration, these are a great source for me. So here are my top 5 inspiring design magazines that happen to
Are there any other online magazines that you read?

Stud Lover

One of my bff's from high school has opened her own Etsy shop! Hm, how to describe her, she's uber crafty, crazy, quirky, and stylish! I love her blog Shiny Upside Down Crosses and have no doubt that her Etsy shop will be sold out FAST. Check it out- aren't they the cutest studded turbans ever?? Can't wait to see what she starts creating next... 

Monday, April 4, 2011


It's been brought to my attention that my blog is not updating on other people's blogrolls and feeds!! This makes me sad! Does anyone know how to fix it? I've googled and gone on the blogger "help" forum but it's just a bunch of gibberish that I do not understand! 

Does anyone have any experience with this? PLEASE HELP! I really appreciate it!


Hello Lova

Happy Monday everyone! So sorry I've been M.I.A., between traveling for work and family members visiting I haven't had much extra time to blog. Anyway, it's a pretty dreary day in NY but browsing through the LuLu Frost jewelry collection made me smile, ESPECIALLY when I saw this stunning piece of work below. Isn't it out of this world?! It sells for a mere $1,925.00 and is designed with elements from 1860-1960 hence the name, 100 year necklace.

I also got a sneak peak at the Fall 2011 collection and fell in love with everything....It's full of metal tassels, pops of color, rhinestones and layered chains. Don't you just love it? These are some of the pieces I'm already thinking about putting on lust list.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Twice as Nice

I'm completely in love with Matchbook magazine (new issue is up and running BTW) and was THRILLED to see that they featured my FAVORITE stationery company- Sugar Paper. Two best friends started it in 2003 designing simple, feminine and pretty pieces using the classic letterpress printing method. THIS is the kind of company I want to start someday... or they can just hire me, one way or another it'll work out. 

Here's a look at their shop and studio- doesn't it look like a LOVELY place to work?!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

While browsing through Anthropologie last week (where I bought this cute bowl to house my jewelry at the end of the day) I found these classic novels that have been reprinted and bound with embossed canvas. The colors are fantastic, the deisngs are adorable, and I think they'd look great as a set on a bookshelf, don't you? You can buy them here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Make Me Blush

I've recently come to terms with the fact that I'm just not a high heel kind of gal. From time to time, sure, but not on an everday basis. So- I now need to start encorporating more fashionable flats into my life and I thought I'd start out by looking for some fresh Springy oxfords. While on the hunt I noticed the huge blush tone trend happening and fell in love with all of these.

1. Madewell The Boardwalk Brogue $178
2. CO-OP Barneys NY Umi $315
3. Steve Madden Trouser $70
4. Forever 21 Perforatted Leatherette Oxford $28
5. Loeffler Randall Oona Mesh Oxford $375