Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smile, Sparkle, Shine

I'm sick of the ho-hum, same old colored eggs where the only way to spice it up is to dip the egg from one color to the next to create something outside of the primary color spectrum ... So I started to think, why not make them really sparkle? When I stumbled upon this DIY on Martha Stewart's website I was sold. What do you think? 

poke a hole in the top and bottom of each 
egg and blow out the contents of the egg

paint with glue, then roll in glitter

find a unique way to display your beautiful, sparkly eggs!

Option 2- Gold Leaf Eggs

see the rest of Martha's great ideas {here}


  1. my mom brought giant pinecones (bigger than my hands) home from california and i pink glittered them for xmas. i still have phantom pink glitter in my apt.

  2. okay, these make me HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! Easter is still far enough away for me to make these, right?! i love them! my blog is called the SHINE project... very fitting :)