Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black, White, and Gray All Over

A couple of weekends ago my beau and I peeked into some open houses around town. We're not buying anything, just setting some goals, high ones I might add! Not only did I fall in love with one of the spaces, I FLIPPED over the way the owner decorated it. The color scheme was black, white and gray with mirror and black lacquer tables, glass lamps, and silver picture frames. It was DIVINE. Needless to say I can't stop thinking about it. These spaces aren't exactly what I saw (should've taken pictures! argh!) but they're close...

On the upside, we have found a place that its sort of affordable for us to purchase and attempt to flip. It's definitely not the ideal location or space in my eyes but it IS a clean slate for me to decorate on temporarily! We'll see what happens... keep ya posted!


  1. The bedroom is fabulous and I so adore that rug!


  2. your blog is so sweet and I followed
    I'll be so happy if you followed me :))


  3. Oh I do enjoy a topiary in the kitchen. Loving the one you shared and saving it for my files!