Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hello loves! Happy Monday! This weekend I played nurse while my boyfriend recovered from shoulder surgery- hence the radio silence, again- so sorry! That's the last time I leave you for days on end with nothing pretty to look at.

Anywho- I ordered a bunch of Dolce Vita shoes a couple of weeks ago and they finally arrived! My favorite pair being the ones that are featured above. The heel isn't too high, they're super comfy, and will match with practically everything. I'm uber excited.  Hope you like the outfit I see myself wearing them with - my style ranges from boho to rocker chic to preppy, this is obvi a bit hippy dippy!

Another thing that absolutely MADE MY MONDAY was seeing my blog as part of Made By Girl's thank you shout out (to blogs who have featured her products)! Woohoo! I love her shop and blog so much it really made my smile. Check it out!

1. Dolce Vita shoes 2. Madewell top 3. Hudson jeans 4. Pamela Love necklaces 5. Meli Melo bag 5. House of Harlow 1960 bangles


  1. Great heels. Totally perfect for a Saturday-brunch-turned-all-day-outing-into-evening shoe. :)

    And love the jeans!!! I am totally obsessed with flares right now.


  2. Wow, House of Harlow has surprisingly nice jewelry!

    stop by!

  3. guess which one i liiiike... the bag, of course. i bought the beeeesssst flares at madewell a few months ago but still haven't worn them.

    how's brett's shoulder? you should punch it every now and then while he's asleep then remind him he's crippled... mwahaha.