Sunday, February 6, 2011

valentines day

Valentines day doesn't have to be all about flowers and chocolate....

1. J.Crew silk blouse
2. Shop Furbush pink moroccan puff
3. Essie knockout pout nail polish
4. ABC Home love replica
5. J.Crew pink patent leather belt
6. Ariston Flowers white peonies

*love picture courtesyof Rebecca Taylor



  1. i love the love replica, can't wait for valentine's!

  2. the white peonies are beautiful. i made my mom plant a bunch of pink ones in our backyard in clifton and when they bloomed last year, they were INSANELY HUGE! and they lasted a week or longer in the arrangment. the only negative is that they only bloom once... if i ever get married, these will def be my bouquet flowers.