Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stowe-Away Weekend

As you know we were in Stowe, VT this weekend gettin' our ski, spa, wine and dine on with the awesome people of Columbia Sportswear. We stayed at Stowe Mountain Lodge, the nicest resort on the mountain if you ask me- I highly recommend it. 
While the weekend was far from sunny, which totally put a damper on getting "pretty" pictures, it was still beautiful in my eyes. 

On Mt. Mansfield in Stowe, VT
Mt. Mansfield in the background. Me attempting to look like a decent skier

Columbia hooked us up with everything from boots, to base layers, to sweet outerwear to play with

NEW technology - this jacket has a foil-esk lining that keeps your body heat regulated along with battery packs that warm the entire coat throughout- you can also charge your cell phone through the batteries if you need to! There are 3 different heat setting to choose from depending on how cold you are!
 It'll only set you back a whopping $850. 

Carbon fibers run throughout the coat, even down to your wrists keeping your pulse toasty which then warms your blood as it circulates through your hand and in turn, through the rest of your body. Pretty snazzy huh?

I'll be posting some of the amazing food we had at the resorts fab resto The Cliff House (sitting on top of the mountain) while we're there tomorrow!


  1. awesome... new technology is crazy/scary! were you even cold in the mtn... i always hated getting wet/cold snowboarding. you got so much goodies. :::applause:::

  2. Haha I like your ski pic :) and totally jeal of all that stuff. I'm coming to rob you at 10:23 tonight, you should probably be out.

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