Monday, March 21, 2011

Lacey Ryan

I'm a total sucker for anything with evil eyes, ohm symbols, and hamsa hands. Make it a big stack of mix n match bracelets and I'm completely sold.

So obviously I swooned when I laid eyes on Lacey Ryan's Spring collection! 

They're sold individually and as sets, you choose! She also has necklaces + a mens section!


  1. cuuuuute! i like the beige set. we need to get together for a day of crafting since it's getting nicer out! holy shit, driving around montclair the other day and found a french country buffet table on the sidewalk... it's my next project. kinda wana paint it pink- maybe you should help!

    james and i were in the village the other day and i thought of us cutting class and getting our bellybuttons pierced in hs mwahahhahaaha.... gotta love it.

  2. AMAZING COLLECTION, I am always amazed by her designs and they are surprisingly affordable too!