Friday, March 4, 2011

Photography Magic

While surfing the internet for fun fashion photos I stumbled upon some of Tim Walker's work. It makes me wish all fashion spreads looked like this. Every picture he takes is full of imagination, beauty, color, and whimsy... lets just say they're stunning. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland every time. In an interview someone asked what he gets out of photography, his response:

 "There's no better feeling in the world, for me, than getting a good photograph. When everything comes together and you look through the viewfinder and there's a window to something magical. You haven't seen it see something you haven't yet's such a thrill..."

It's refreshing to hear someone so enthusiastic about their work. His most recent visions are reflected in the 2011 campaigns for Mulberry and Korean fashion brand O'2nd, cannot wait to see what he pulls out of his hat next.

images via {here}, {here}, and {here}

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  1. seen these before. love em... i like the little lit up dresses hanging from the tree <3