Thursday, March 3, 2011

Think Pink

My lovely parents finally brought my re-painted and antiqued desk to our apartment the other night. It's nice having it in the second bedroom, now I just have to get wall art, desk accessories, and oh yeah, a chair. A work in progress...

This morning, after admiring my work again, my boyfriend told me he actually wants to start working from home more, now that we have this great desk. I immediately thought, poor guy, he doesn't know I've been considering stenciling a pink accent wall + adding a white fur rug. Can it get any girlier?! So, for now, I've completely disregarded this statement (I'll believe it when I see it buddy!) and have been searching for rooms that have pink accents in them, be it paint or decor... Here's what I've dug up.

I'm smitten!

pink ceiling?! love. kind of wish i could step into this lifestyle..

pink curtains, pillows, + frames stand out beautifully

contrasting colors always warm my heart
 always a sucker for mirrored furniture

photos from {here} and {here}

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