Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Obsession: Chevron

I have slowly but surely become obsessed with chevron prints. I've always liked clean line patterns and stripes, so why not a zig-zag one, you know- really shake things up. I'm still searching for the perfect way to incorporate this into my life though, be it with a rug, lingerie (it's just SO sweet), decor accessory, or piece of stationery. 

1. West Elm ZigZag Rug $39-649
2. ProStores Pink Chevron Frame  $28
3. Shades of Light Chevron Drum Shade $129
4. Brulee Teddy $165
5. Hirondelle Rustique Customizable Chevon Hotdog Silhouette  $18

6. Anthropologie ZigZag Serving Spoons $36
7. Made By Girl Chevron Print Stationery $2.95 each
8. Jill Rosenwald Chevron Cocktail Tray  $128

I also found these great chevron DIY projects. You can learn to create your own painting at Make Under My Life or makeover a piece of furniture on Kelly and Olive



  1. i love the onesie. and of course... the dachshund print.

  2. thank you for mentioning Made by Girl! :))))

  3. hi there jen..just wanted to let you know how psyched i was to see that you have posted about our line often! wowza! also wanted to let you know that in august our chevron rugs will be available and they are sooooo well priced!!